Why K’NEX Education®

K’NEX Education® products have been designed to inspire today’s young Scientists and Engineers. The innovative range brings to life key science, technology, engineering and math concepts by constructing 3D models for hands on, minds on learning. Sets come with a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, including lesson plans and extension activities. For students, the easy to follow color coded instructions allow them to work independently or in groups.

From pre-K through 12th Grade

Delivering Across All Grade Levels

From pre-school to high school, we’re with you every step of the way.”. K’NEX Education® offers 3D STEM learning tools to engage and excite students of all ages. Click here download a PDF of our product range.


Tested by Teachers, For Teachers

"This has been such a valuable tool in bringing geometry to life for my students"

"Today was the first day that we used the Intermediate Math Set in class. The students were very excited when I took out the K'NEX pieces. They all knew what they were - they just couldn't imagine how we were going to use them in Math class. The concepts of line, line segment, ray, and angle were easily reviewed. Then I asked them to make as many different polygons as they could. The excitement that followed was unbelievable. EVERY student in the class was involved in the lesson because all of them could actually construct the polygons. It became quite obvious to the students that a regular polygon (all equal sides and all equal angles) had the same colors involved in the construction. This concept (which is tested) was always a difficult one for my students. NO ONE missed the quiz question about a regular octagon. I'm sure it's because they could picture it in their minds and, in fact, most of them had held one in their hands!!! I also was able to test their knowledge of the concepts of parallel and perpendicular line segments. After their constructions, it was very easy to see who was on target and who needed more review. This has been such a valuable tool in bringing geometry to life for my students. I cannot wait to use the K'NEX pieces in our future units of study. I am so happy that I was able to make this purchase with my grant money!" – Patti Pierantozzi, Warminster, PA

Tested by Teachers, For Teachers

"They have greatly enhanced the students enthusiasm and motivation"

“Currently I am using K'NEX in my Integrated Science Curriculum. The students are using the K'NEX building sets to illustrate Simple Machines by constructing a Rube Goldberg system, Newton's Laws of Motion and the structure of bridges. In the chemistry class, students use K'NEX to demonstrate atomic structure electron configuration, chemical reactions and electron transfer. I am also teaching aquatic biology and will have students design and build aquatic animals and cell models. They have greatly enhanced the students enthusiasm and motivation. Next summer, Purdue's Art department would like my class to build K'NEX structures to put on display in their gallery. I am very much interested in using the K'NEX computer programmed systems." – Ralph Neth, Indianapolis, IN, 9-12th Integrated Science & Chemistry

Tested by Teachers, For Teachers

"They’re a great deal more effective than other materials we have spent tons of money on!"

“Our school became an engineering magnet school through a federal grant in 1998. I began using K'NEX in the lab with grades 3 through 6 during the past school year. Being an inner city school, very few students had experience with K'NEX. It was a tool I could use to teach numerous concepts such as simple machines, geometry, and capacity. Due to the overwhelming success with K'NEX this year, we are very interested in becoming a pilot school of a project that would complement our magnet theme. Thanks so much for your education line of K'NEX. They're a great deal more effective than other materials we have spent tons of money on!" – Pam Matejovsky, Dayton, OH, 3-6th Engineering Lab